Fountain Trevi on map of Rome. Famous attractions of Rome.

Rome Attractions - Fontana di Trevi, Roma, Italia



This fountain can be called the most beautiful in Rome, he is considered to be a very famous landmark in Rome. For many assurances, they say that in the Trevi fountain flows very soft and tasty water, probably because of the tourists, without fear, make him a drink of water, and then desire a wish and throw in a variety of coins. It is believed that by doing this, people will come back here. Throwing a second coin, you can meet with the Italian and throwing a third - to marry. Not surprisingly, in the evening of each day, you can see its bottom completely studded with shiny coins. They say that from the bottom of the fountain weekly take out large sums of money to even go up to 15,000 euros! Location on map of the fountain in Rome - Trevi area, it is actually the center of Rome, 7 min. walk along the Via Tritone Affairs from Piazza Barberini Metro Station. The fountain is a large part of the area, it is located and is at the foot of the palace, from which you can see a variety of projections cluttered with statues and decorated with bas-reliefs. Here love to sit and rest a lot of tourists in Rome. The water in the sights of Rome beats everywhere. The composition of the fountain depicts the sea god, newts and boys. First records of the fountain appeared in the 17th century. At that time, the famous sculptor from Italy, Bernini fountain designed model, which served as a model for the construction of only fifty years. Construction of the Trevi Fountain in Rome on the map lasted for nearly three decades. Fountain mesmerizing beautiful constructed composition, it is possible to enjoy forever. And in the dark include backlighting, which makes the attraction of Rome just fabulous, look at my photo on the appropriate "Fountain Trevi, Photo."

Rome Attractions, Fountain Trevi on map of Rome. Famous attractions of Rome.

Fontana di Trevi, Roma, Italia
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