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Restaurants in Rome - Via del Buon Consiglio, 17, 00184, Roma, Italia

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In a quiet, charming corner of Via Cavour, located in Via del Cardello just a stone's throw from the Imperial Forums and the Colosseum, the restaurant Cleto is a tasty gathering place for those who enjoy cusine with that personal touch in the details. Flavours and aromas abound in delicious dishes made from the finest meats and freshest fish, also available from the grill, to accompany and enhance the fresh, always homemade pasta.

With its characteristic furnishings, the restaurant welcomes its guests during the warm season in a sheltered garden, to the accompaniment of the owner happily strumming classic Roman songs on his guitar. Cleto's upbeat and informal ambience offers a genuinely hospitable place to spend your finest moments.

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Restaurants in Rome, Virtual Tour 360°. Restaurant Cleto

Via del Buon Consiglio, 17, 00184, Roma, Italia
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