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Argentina, it is not so far away: if you are in parts of the Colosseum, Roman Forum to find an Argentine restaurant as Baires 2.
Customers are welcomed by the warm colors of the walls and wooden beams that replicate an old "Estancia Argentina" (seal) of the Pampas, the soft light and the background music, immediately identifiable as Tango (Classic and Chill out).
Specialties of the house are of course the infamous meat
The Argentine Parrilla, fillets, sirloins, entrecôtes, Rump / Pezza, in denominations of 200/300/500 gr. of "Angus Argentino", also Italian cut so as El everything Argentine Asado de Tira (breast strips Wagyu Kobe type), pork ribs, lamb, etc.., but also particular specialties, such as soups and some preparations with corn , whole wheat, blacks beans, cassava, potatoes, etc., recipes handed down from Aboriginal peoples Argentina (Guaranies, Mapuches, Kollas, tehuelches, etc.). revisited chased during the Spanish colonization.
Among the starters, there are the famous empanadas, wonton pastry baked stuffed with meat or Humita (creamed corn), el Matambre, Chicken in Escabeche, then continue with a Pastel de Carne or Humita (Timbale of potatoes and beef or vegetarian version with humita), served at the table in a hot pan directly from the oven. And for the sweet tooth there are sweets "Home Made" as Alfajores de Dulce de Leche De cornstarch with white chocolate or black, the Budin de Pan Ron, and among others, the famous Argentine Dulce de Leche: indescribable soft cream milk brown in color and shiny candy sweet taste similar to Mou.
We have an extensive list of wines strictly Argentines,
among the red wines, the famous Argentine Malbec vines originating in France, where it is still cultivated in small part in Bordeaux and in the south. This screw has regained its size and prestige thanks to the excellent and intense production in the area of ​​Mendoza. But Malbec Argentino definitely has a different profile than the French cousin, has softer tannins and is much more concentrated, with an aroma of ripe fruit, in short, a robust wine that is generally consumed young but that does not mind a "principle" of aging .
In short, friendly service and genuine products of quality with affordable prices, an average of 30 euro per person, however there are also a lunch set menu with prices ranging from 10,00 to 14,00 euro.

Virtual Tour 360°. Baires Argentinian restaurant (Colosseo). 3D panoramic photos (1)

Restaurants in Rome, Baires Argentinian restaurant (Colosseo). Virtual Tour 360°

Via Cavour, 315, 00198 Roma, Italia
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